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Introduction - CEO Interview - Educational Progress  


“Māori boarding schools embody Ngata’s aspirations, as expressed in his famous words, E Tipu, E Rea…”

TE AORERE RIDDELL, Chairman, Paerangi Limited

So it is fitting that his classic korero, E Tipu E Rea should stand as a reminder to the 6 Māori boarding schools of their niche within the NZ education system.

I say niche because that is what the Māori boarding schools, Hato Petera, Hukarere, St Joseph’s, Te Aute, Hato Paora and Turakina are: they represent a particular approach to helping rangatahi reach their full potential.

They are not the ONLY way to raise Māori student performance – if there is such a thing. But as this report shows, they are one way; they still make a difference; and, they remain a useful alternative to both mainstream education and, what is now known as, Māori medium education.

And, in my view, it is the special character that makes them unique. Because unlike other forms of education, Māori boarding schools comprehensively embody Apirana’s aspirations as expressed in his famous saying.

First of all, these schools are fundamentally focused on assisting Māori students to firmly understand and grasp western knowledge or the ‘rakau a te Pakeha. Ngata insisted this was critical to Māori progress.

Secondly, they encourage Māori students to be both proud of their cultural heritage – nga taonga a o tupuna. Api was adamant that the language and culture were vital to Māori living as Māori.
Thirdly, these are staunchly church based schools and all provide a curriculum and education and living environment that is christian based – something Ngata firmly believed in.

This report presents the facts about Māori boarding school education and the progress they have made over the past five years or so. I am pleased to say that it demonstrates how these schools are helping many communities to realise the potential of their young ones.

The report makes one thing absolutely clear: these schools, once the premiere schools in Māori education have learned the hard lessons of the recent past and are making the changes necessary to add value to the lives of rangatahi in the 21st Century.

As long as these schools continue to perform for our people, and grow and develop, I am absolutely certain they will continue for many more years.

Naku noa na

Te Aorere Riddell
Chair, Paerangi Limited

Introduction - CEO Interview - Educational Progress