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Press Release - 10 June 2003

NCEA Proves that Māori Boarding Schools Make an Educational Difference for Māori!

"It's official," says Atawhai Tibble, CE of Paerangi Limited. 'The 2002 NCEA results confirm that the Māori boarding schools make a significant educational difference for Māori kids. And we even show up the posh schools!'

Tibble, 35, is the CE of a company owned by the six remaining Māori boarding schools. He is working to help reposition the schools in the highly competitive secondary school market and has spent the last week on the NZQA website analysing the data of the Māori boarding schools and comparing the results to other schools with high Māori student rolls and is impressed.

'The data available on the NZQA website shows that five of our six schools, rank next to, and even higher than some of the best schools in NZ in terms of students who sat and achieved NCEA level 1 last year.'

"We also do a great job teaching Māori students better than most mainstream schools. Two schools in particular a boys and a girls Māori boarding school are in the top schools in NZ in terms of the percentage of NCEA standards achieved by Māori students."

Tibble says the statistics only paint half the picture you also need to understand the context and philosophy of the Māori boarding schools.

"Let's be honest. Even with the reintroduction of zoning, the so-called 'top' secondary schools screen do their best to screen kids out. Brown means bad. Yet we have a high performing, low decile school with a large percentage of students that mainstream schools would class 'at risk'. So our schools are delivering school results with kids that even Kings and Auckland Grammar canŐt compete with!"

"This confirms our view. When things are working, Māori students excel within a Māori boarding school environment."

For further information, contact:
Atawhai Tibble
CE, Paerangi Limited
Ph 04 470 6065
Mobile 0274 364 373
Fax 04 470 6068

Click here to view the 2002 NCEA results

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